Late round QB

During a lot of mock drafts ive been in situations where Josh Allen and Lamar jackson or both there towards end of draft (close to the 14th round). its mock draft so i take it with a grain of salt but allen ADP is very low. if that situation comes up in a real draft, do you trust either of them. if so who would you prefer.

I like them both on paper (especially their rushing yards). My main concern with both is their lack of receiving weapons. Defensive coordinators can scheme for running QBs which is why the option has never worked well in the NFL (play action pass is different but requires a WR who can get separation). I waited until the 13th in one draft and grabbed Winston since he at least has Evans and Godwin.

Much prefer Lamar Jackson. I expect that team to be productive. The Bills offense, however, is likely going to be inconsistent.