Late running back keeper strategy

Have a 12 team redraft league with James Connor in the 14th round. With a stud running back already locked in what should i aim for my early strategy to be? Obviously have to play to how the draft falls but should I target an early tight end, stack Wide receivers or think about mahomes early?

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Do you know what pick you have in the draft? Is this a one keeper league?

I like that your going to be flexible (as the Ballers say, “stay water”). I would be looking to grab the best player available.

I personally am not willing to spend a high pick on a TE unless it’s a tight end premium league. Likely looking at WR/RB.

One Keeper league don’t have the choice in the draft yet (also a play into strategy) with no tight end premium. Positional advantage would be nice with TE but stacking up and getting great RB to start is soemthing to consider. Appreciate the input