Late Season Trades


Yall have been extremely helpful for my team this year. Within the last few hours I’ve had 2 trades come through that im thinking about doing and I was going to see if these are smart or if i should leave them.

First off its a 12 team standard league and my team consists of

QB: Tom Brady, Tyrod Taylor
WR: Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper, DeVante Parker, Dede Westbrook, Nelson Agholor
RB: Mark Ingram, Duke Johnson Jr, Kenyan Drake, Marlon Mack, Ameer Abdullah
TE: Jimmy Graham, Austin Seferin-Jenkins
K: Will Lutz
DEF: Jacksonville

The two trades are:

Tom Brady


Dak Prescott


Kenyan Drake


Demarco Murray

what do yall think guys, please help out.

No to the Brady over Prescott.

Yes to the Murray over drake

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I agree. I like Dak a lot, I would rather have Brady RoS. On the flip side I don’t see Drake being productive long term when Jay Ajayi couldn’t do it and would say yes to that trade.

Man Dak vs Brady is rough right now… the thing with dak is if he loses zeke ros… will he be forced to throw more and succeed… or will teams just not respect the run and cause dak to struggle more passing… its tough… i hate 1 for 1 trades of the same position… Brady is a legend and is seemingly match up proof… that being said… Brady overall appears to have a tougher schedule ros than dak outside of week 16… dak has seattle and brady has buffalo… neither is great but SEA is obviously worse… all things to consider… i put myself in both positions and if i was offered one for the other id prob say no to both because id be happy with either guy lol…

As for Drake… idk… whats his real upside? I dont think eother guy will be anything special… but at least weve seen murray do it before… Murray also monopolizes the passing downs when hes active which drake wont do… and if uou look at it this way… drake was free… you can turn him into murray or wait and see a few more weeks lol

I’d keep Brady over Dak but if you want him counter for him to upgrade your wr set as Brady commands more value.

Drake for ajayi is a gamble worth paying. I’d rather roll out the lead Tenessee rb than the option rb in Miami! I’d accept that one

No to the Brady trade and yes to the drake trade