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Late second rounders for dynasty rookie draft


Who are some late round rookies i should be looking into??

Needs…RB…TE…QB…WR…in that order.

0.5PPR dynasty league


Haha, would love to represent team USA but I’m already in 3 leagues and that’s about all I can handle without going a little crazy. Count me in next year if you do it again!!


haha all good. will do man


This sounds like an fun league and format, I’m interested. 11 starters and an 8 player bench is going to clear out the free agent market, sometimes smaller benches make for more league activity throughout the season.

Also, a $100 FAABudget with ESPN’s (continuous) Free Agent Auction makes it a lot more fun for daily waiver wire acquisitions, as long as you set the bid minimum to 0.00 you can still acquire players all season even when you run out of monopoly money. Any buy-in or are we just playing for pride of country?! My email is cookiedds@gmail.com


yeah i hear ya @BodySlammed appreciate the input. ive never used the auction style but i do like that idea! so im going to set it up that way.

Once we have a full league im not against putting a little money in if everyone wants to. or else we can just go with pride of country! im sure everyone joining already has 1 or more money leagues.


Im not going through with that league sorry boys!


Sweet, the continuous free agency auction is how Andy, Mike and Jason recommend setting up a league too. I’m applying a lot of their ideas to my two money leagues this season, here’s the overview:

Organize league to maximize activity all season long, even if not in playoff contention

Add a IR slot and take away 1 bench spot

End season on 16th week, not 17th.
Regular season is weeks 1-12, playoffs are 13-14 and 15-16.

1/2 PPR scoring

1 keeper player per team starting in 2018

Free Agent Auction (continuous)
FAB for waivers, ESPN assigned $100 budget on the season. $0.00 waiver bids ok so everyone can still make acquisitions even if out of money. No limit on the season

Instant trades without review. The only veto would be for obvious collusion. It’s fine for folks to get fleeced by another team manager, it’d how you learn. Plus, you never know how a trade is going to end up on the season with injuries and such. This should help promote trade activity since there’s no waiting period or fear of a veto as long as there isnt collusion involved.
Award some perk or advantage to champion for next season, also to 2nd Place and to the team with the highest cumulative score of weeks 13-16 (this keeps EVERY team involved right to the end of season even if they don’t make the playoffs).

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
2 Flex
1 TE
1 D
1 K

Christian Claeys