Late trade talk Friday deadline

12 man Half ppr 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te
there are a few options being talked about with another team here
Thielen for Mattison
Keenan for Mitchell or Jacobs
possible Diontae for either Mitchel or Jacobs
He said anyone is available and wants a mid wr1

His team
Connor, Mattison, Cook, Mitchell, Jacobs
DJ Moore, Pittman, Juedy, Sanders
Hockenson, Knox

My Team
Kamara, Mixon, Javontae, Just lost CMC
Adams, Diontae, Keenan, AB, Thielen

Anyone see anything i should be sending back to him. He wont take Thielen for anyone but Mattison because he doesnt wanna stack players from the vikings.

I would see if you could move Allen for Mitchell+. I personally believe you can cover the loss of Allen with Mitchell.

In half-ppr, Allen and Mitchell are close, imho. Allen is a WR2 with WR1 upside and Mitchell is a RB2 with RB1 upside.

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Yeah i just dont see what other piece could be thrown in there to make me feel better. I dont hate the idea of keenan for Mitchell but seems like not the better end of it which like you said i have the depth to support it but idk just feels like a step back for some reason

Maybe because i traded him Mitchell early in the season idk

Also Keenan is a WR1 in my eyes over the last 5 weeks he hasnt seen less than 10 targets and just hasnt had the tds come but 16.7, 16.4, 13.8, 15.7, 12 so like hes been very useful in the line up.

Would you rather give Diontae or keenan in this situation? If I could get him to accept either

Diontae Johnson is the same as Keenan, imho. Both are PPR machines that do not score a lot of TDs. If you are a dynasty league, I would prefer Johnson to Allen. If redraft, either would be fine to trade for Mitchell.

Mitchell is the RB backfield. He posted a 27/133/1 rush and 5/35/0 rec stat line, that was with Deebo taking rushes away. He sees SEA defense (2nd points given up to RB), CIN (13th), ATL (7th), TEN (29th), and HOU (8th) to finish the year. I want some of that schedule.

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Im struggling with it.
Keenans scheudle looks great too Cincy, Giants, KC, Houston, Denver
Diontae is less so Bal, Vikings, Titans, KC, Browns

They both have done so well for me all year just being safe mid level floor guys with upside but I think I may offer Diontae up itd give me a 3rd rb to trust and still have Adams thielen AB and Keenan which feels alright

Just rough that i traded Mitchell away and then patterson and Clyde I could really go for those back but that is the way of fantasy

I feel ya.

I traded Deebo away before the start of the season, but got lucky with Ridley/Mitchell for Deebo back.

I have Mitchell in my home redraft league and he has helped my team more than hurt, even with him missing time.

I was able to scoop Jaamal Williams on waivers which could be enough to have as my depth without going after Mitchell but now the question becomes should I still
RBs now Kamara, Mixon, Javonte, Jaamal

I think I still kinda should. I love Diontae for being just so reliable but I have the depth to cover it and todays really last opportunity to do so

Nice pick up.

The only concern with Williams; is he going to be a 1 week rental?

You can always ask what Mitchell owner would want for him, see if you would be willing to pay Mitchell or not.

Doesnt hurt to ask! :joy:

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He wants Keenan or Diontae for him.

Id rather give Diontae because of the schedule mentioned before

I think thats a pretty fair trade but does it actually make me a better team? If Kamara sits and I have to replace him Javonte and Jaamal doesnt instill great confidence but I think Mitchell would so Im leaning towards yes and making the deal

In giving up Johnson, you would still have Adams (the man), Allen (catch machine), Thielen (still scoring TDs), and AB (coming back soon) as your WRs.

Your RBs would be Kamara, Mixon, Mitchell, Javonte Williams, and Jamaal Williams.

Depth everywhere!

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Thanks for the reassurance! Its really easy to talk yourself out of these kind of deals but Im sending the offer now and it should get accepted

The CMC Kamara Mixon combo was gonna be lethal but this should suffice just fine

Thanks again!


Iā€™d kill for a team like that!