Later Rounds 2nd TE? 2nd QB?

I’m in a 10 team half point ppr league drafting from the 6th spot and I find myself in a conundrum most times when working on my drafts in the later rounds. My thought process is that if I get an elite TE (Tiers 1/2/3) I don’t worry about getting a second one at all. But if I get someone like Ertz, I feel compelled to get someone else in the later rounds as a form of matchup insurance.
Same with QBs, if I get a really good QB I usually won’t draft a second one.

My question is, should I worry solely about WR/RB depth in the late rounds or is it worth getting a second QB or TE in the later rounds as well?

For me it depends on the bench size. The 2 leagues Ive been in for a while are 12 team with 7 bench spots. We also have IDPs so that is why the bench is a bit bigger. Ive drafted 2nd TEs before and it didnt necessarily hurt me because I had enough skill positions to fill in for bye weeks. I typically only draft 1 QB so I’ve never tried the QB streaming strategy. Now in a half pt ppr league there is probably more incentive to go WR/RB heavy on your bench but Ive never been in any half pt or full pt ppr leagues so I cant say much on that.

Depth at the RB/WR over a 2nd TE 100%. Only way im drafting a second QB is if I get crazy good value in the 12th round or later. For example Dak falls to the 13th, I dont see a reason not to do something like that.

And like TE’s: who are you gonna draft to stream Njoku, hooper, engram? you can just pick up guys like that in waivers instead of wasting a draft pick.

I also think youll be able to find a back up steaming QB in waivers as well, with guys like Smith, Hoyer, Tannehill

In a 10 team league, wait really late for both positions. You can snag a Dalton and Rivers combo and always have a good start. Same with TE Witten and Ebron. That way, you’re stacked at RB and WR and don’t need the depth as much there. Also during bye weeks you’ll be covered.

I play in a 2 QB league (by way of Q/W/R/T flex) and about half of the teams (myself included) in my 10 team league usually draft a 3rd QB (deep bench, 8 spots).

I like what @Lt.Dangler said about stacking WR/RB and going with Dalton and Rivers. I’ve actually been thinking of drafting that exact combo - note I do an auction draft, so it’s easier to target players than hope they fall to your pick.

With only 10 teams in your league you could probably stream a second TE throughout the season. If you’re concerned, I’d keep an eye on how TE’s are being drafted and have a couple late round options in your back pocket if you notice a lot of them coming off the board.