Latest round to take starting QB in 2 QB

I’m mock drafting a ton for 2 QB (pick 8) and I’m holding on QB until Round 6 and 7. I’m ending up with some combo of Mariota, Mahomes, Winston, Manning, Bortles, etc. Who is the last QB you’re comfortable with as a QB1 in 2QB/Superflex leagues?

I don’t think that Mariota, Mahomes or Winston will be available in the 6/7 round of a real 2QB draft.

To answer your question. Here is a list of QBs ranked from DLF. Based on this I want to take QB 14 to 17 as my first QB.

Should look at ADP, not rankings to see where QBs are going. Mahomes is going in the top 12 in every single draft I’ve done. Most of the time, before stafford and Mariota is going much later. Sometimes even later than Winston. Brady is usually taking after everyone on that list except Derek Carr.

And in 2 QB, you have to think about it in terms of who is the last QB you’re willing to take, i.e. your QB 2 and then make sure you snag one more ahead of them.

The last QB I am willing to take in Dynasty is probably Matt Ryan who I think is currently going as ADP 16ish. So then I always make sure I pick up on other QB i like for value ahead of him.

Don’t sleep on Bortles. Everyone gives him crap but he produces. You can’t believe JVille has a crowded WR corps and believe in Fournette without bottles!! - Titans Fan

Thanks for the advice! This league isn’t dynasty (sorry if I posted in the wrong place. I’m still new to this). That may be why I was getting those QB’s when I was. I was just going off mock drafts I was doing. I just bought the UDK so I’ll sink my teeth into thise ADP’s and tier breakdowns soon. Thanks again!

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@MikeMeUpp You are totally right. I meant to grab DLF’s ADP.

Here is the ADP info collected at DLF:

Jesus am I reading that right? Lamar before both Jameis and Brees?

This is insane.

Agreed. I LOVE Lamar Jackson and I picked him at the 1.05 in Dynasty Superflex but he could totally bust as can any rookie, especially a QB. If someone offered me Jameis for Lamar, I’d take it for sure. I think people are so infatuated with getting another Watson, Goff or Wentz that they forget most rookie QB’s take a couple seasons to really hit big. I feel similar about Mahomes.

QBs are notoriously misdrafted year to year. A point towards grabbing late guys.
The problem with 2QB leagues is playing the late strategy is VERY risky.
In a 1 QB league I can draft garapollo in the 10th and if I miss he is easily replaced.
In a 2QB league the cost is higher and the cost of missing is higher. If I get Mariota and Smith and they both end up closer to QB20, who am I gonna replace them with?
Considering injury rates of players, and RBs and WRs available on the waivers after week 1. I like to have one ELITE proven option (read Rodgers/Wilson) and then two guys late (Mariota and Smith for instance) that I can play the matchups on. Yeah it costs me an early pick but if you take a QB early people will start freaking out and grabbing QBs and the value of RBs and WRs falls back to you.

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Problem with this strategy is the RBs that are falling to you are not the elite guys. Other than Wilson or Rodgers, aren’t really many other QBs going in the first 2 rounds. Although I agree that WIlson and Rodgers should be going in the 1st anyways but I wouldn’t reach from them if I have an early/mid 1st round pick.

Class is pretty deep this year so I’m more than fine taking QBs later. Basically with a 2 QB draft, you just need to identify who the last guy you’re okay with being your QB2 is. Then make sure you take 1 more before him. Whether it’s early on like @memeteammarine suggests or just immediately preceding via back to back picks, is up to you.

That’s why I love superflex, not just 1 way to do anything and you really have to feel out your draft. Having some plans and stuff is cool and all but once shit hits the fan, you have to be able to adapt.

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I agree here. I am drafting last in a 10 person 2 qb league. I am gonna go for rodgers/wilson then i hope a tier 2 RB then address WR and another RB the following picks while hoping everyone starts reaching and leaving some higher tier players from to scoop up at that 3.10/4.01 spot.

Be fluid, if you’re at the 10 and Deadre Hopkins is there, I’d still take him over Hunt

I just did my superflex keeper draft yesterday. I opened my draft as follows after swapping 1st/2nd round picks with the 1.10 from the 1.04 and getting some later swaps in return:

OBJ, Hopkins, Gronk, Amari Cooper. Pretty deadly open for a 3WR Half PPR.

My QBs ended up being Big Ben + Mariota with Baker in the late rounds.

Nice! Great start for sure. I’ve been waiting until the 6th in my mocks to grab a QB and end up with some combo of Rivers, Ryan, Mariota, Winston or Eli which I’m fine with.

Assuming you’re talking about superflex right? 6th is obv way too early for QB and you’d get way better QBs than that in the 6th. But yeah I agree. I just felt out the draft but my strat when it comes to QB is basically find the last guy I’m willing to draft, and just make sure I take one before him. This year, the last for me is mariota. But I knew I could get him slightly later cause those in my league last year remember how bad he was last year and they have recency bias. I picked up Ben in the 6th and mariota in the 7th in this draft.

Normally, I actually never advocate for getting Ben because his home away splits are just absurd and you basically have to always roster another QB. But in my league, we have bonus scoring for 300, 400, and 500 yards. And Ben is someone that can offer that ceiling for your team. And QBs dried up pretty fast in the draft. I really wanted Matt Ryan but he literally got sniped right before my pick so had to just grab Ben. I also picked up baker much later in the draft. And its a keeper so if he works out, could be huge.

Yes. As the title of the thread indicates: 2QB or Superflex.