Laughing at High drafted Defenses

I love laughing at high draft picked defenses. They are so involved that they took them early that they don’t dump them when bad matchups come up. Like Houston giving him -3 this week while my Miami defense went off cause Mariotta was out. Haha
Nothing to discuss just a heads up to always play the matchups with Defense.
If you cant decide between 2 choices, look at the following week matchups to see if you can keep them for 2 weeks.

high drafted defenses are always stupid. I always end up grabbing a decent one off waivers on week 3. That said I don’t think it’s always a “play matchup.” I.e. Detroit this year has had 1 bad week and 4 good weeks but matchup wise none of them were predictable.

I have just been picking up ones with hurt QBs or Jets/Browns. I feel I have a Defense of #1 this year by doing it.