Laundry trade.. help

RB: DJ, Howard, Drake, Aaron Jones
WR: Baldwin, Davis, Kupp, Boyd, Fitzgerald, Westbrook, Calloway.

Would you trade Howard and Westrbook for Jarvis Laundry and Buck Allen? Or instead of Allen, LeShaun McCoy or Phillip Lindsey?

I would trade for landry and lindsay personally. I own allen in 2 leagues, he’s solid flex, but very touchdown dependent.

steer clear of mccoy

But you would trade Howard for them?

I would trade to dump Drake personally and would do so straight up for Landry if possible

Thats true, Try and trade drake if possible, but yes, I think landry himself is almost worth it to trade howard. so landry and a rb for howard I would do.

You will never get anyone to take a trade of Drake for Landry. That’s a horrible trade for the person giving Landry

Unfortunately hes not interested in him. And i don’t much blame him at this point.

I trades on here all the time that are nuts. Might as well try

It’s like Cooper after this week, as soon as he has a good game, sell ASAP

So would you do the Howard and Westbrook for Lindsey and Jarvis?

I just really like Howard so idk. Lindsey is still very unknown at this time though he had 2 solid games. Howard is pretty safe, yes I know he didn’t do well yesterday, but they were way up early and they had no need to use Howard that game. I also think Landry is very safe and will garner a ton of targets this year. Westbrook is hit and miss as with the whole offense outside of Fournette when healthy. So if you believe in Lindsey then I think yes take it. If you don’t believe in Lindsey then no. I honestly think that he is the key to this trade. I would wait to see how he is used tonight coming off of getting ejected. If he is used heavily then I think he is good to go for the year.

Okay. Im also going to be 3-1 and had some receivers recently become playable… Boyd, Davis, Kupp. Would hurt me at the RB thats for sure.

With those WR I would be looking to trade 2 for 1 for a better RB personally

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Who would you be targeting at the RB position?

Mixon, Freman, Ingram in that order. Maybe CMC if it’s ppr. He hasn’t scored I don’t believe right now. Cook as well possibly.

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