Lazard or Auden Tate?

Full PPR League. Who has the safer floor, who has the upside? And would you drop one to pick up the other?

I would say Tate just because as of now he has the more defined role

Lazard might have slightly more upside with Rodgers as his QB, but Tate is the better own

If 2 of Adams, MVS and Allison are out id go Lazard. If only 1 is out, I’d go with Auden. Auden does have a more secure role, on a worse offense, but they’ll likely be throwing since they’ll likely be down. Tough call, but that’s how I’d go.

All 3 of the GB WRs were DNPs yesterday, as well as Jimmy Graham. Looks like they signed Ryan Grant in the wake of all the injuries too.

Be interesting to see the severity of Geronimo and MVS’s injury.