Le’Veon bell Kansas City signing

Hey all, Im a fantasy manager of both CEH and Le’Veon bell and wanted to get everyone’s opinions on today’s signing. What does it mean to each players value and what should be the course of action we take. Thanks guys

The best we can hope for is a Chubb/Hunt situation. I’m also a CEH/Bell owner and this signing drives me crazy. I wish he would’ve just signed with Miami.

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I just have Bell, so I am a little excite. However, I am severely SoL this week. Carson and Kelley on bye. Bell not playing and lost on waiver for Gaskin.

Had to settle for Swift, :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:.

I have Carson and kamara on bye with bell out this week…I’m stuck with James white and Adrian Peterson

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What do you think about owning both CEH and Bell? Should I just hang on to both and see what happens? Right now, having Mattison, I’m trying hard to put a package together including CEH to get D Cook and just be done with this crap :joy:


Yeah, I would see how KC is going to use CEH and Bell before making any decisions.

As a Cook owner, you’d have to offer a high WR1 with CEH for me to consider it. But even then it’d be hard unless the Cook owner is stacked with RB depth and low on WR talent.

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The Cook owner is wrecked. He also has Eckeler and his next best RB is Hines. His best WR is Hilton. Other than Cook, the only start-worthy players on his roster are Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce.

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I would definitely go for it then. If you can flip CEH plus something for Cook, definitely. Cook is out for two weeks with injury/bye. That Cook owner needs wins now. So if you can make it two weeks, do it.

Well I have Mattison so essentially I have Cook this week already :grin:


I’m trying to flip CEH for another RB.

Offering the Jonathan Taylor owner CEH + Fant. Am I any chance here?

Was going to offer the same package to the Jacobs owner as well, he’s very stretched this week with byes.

Best receiver is Hilton!? Sheeeesh.

I’ve tried shopping CEH this morning with no luck… As Bell can’t play this week he should be good in a shootout, he needs to be to keep his snaps I think, so maybe after that he’ll be more attractive.

What does everyone think the odds are that CEH could lose his job, or become a barley useable RB3/4 tier player off the back of this? If we’re confident he’ll stay an RB2 with Bell then given the offence and the upside of KC he may be better to just keep?

I’m thinking of offering CEH for James Robinson…what do you think?

I think they are a wash but Robinson doesn’t have anyone lurking to take touches. I’d do it.

I’m looking at CEH for Gibson and either Drake or Ekeler. Not sure what to do with him, take the safety and Ekeler’s upside when he’s back or just roll with CEH as an RB2, but with the risk he could be the number 2 if Bell really performs!

Would you do a trade like that or just hold him?

That sucks, I’m debating on trading Bell for either AJ Brown, Robert Woods or Chris Godwin…who would you chose

Fingers crossed Bell has an impact in KC. I traded away Drake for Bell straight up before the signing. I have good RB depth and was leaning on benching Drake. Let’s see if it pays off.

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What’s up James89! Long time!

I’d love to do a trade like that. I actually have Gibson and you just gave me the idea to try that out. This is a 14 person- 2 keeper league so those chances are pretty low. Still love to try it out!
I’ve been more on the keeping CEH side(have him on another league) but maybe trying to get Bell. Securing that backfield.

Good luck, James!

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I always get the back up as insurance, I have Mattison in almost every league I have Dalvin Cook, except for the easy 10 man leagues where everything is stacked

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I have the Cook owner interested. I told him I can offer him a RB (CEH, Robinson, Bell, DJ, Drake) and a WR better than any he has (Woods, Kupp, Moore). The only players I want to avoid giving up on the trade are Golladay and, for obvious reasons, Mattison.

He said “give me a bit to think about it.” I don’t think there’s any trade combination within reason that won’t make me stronger. Having Cook and Mattison insures me RB1 production all year.

I almost hope he asks for CEH so I can be done with this nightmare.

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