Le’Veon bell Kansas City signing

I did just read an interesting article making the case that this could actually make CEH MORE efficient.

If anyone is interested

I don’t think a chubb/hunt situation is possible. 1) at this point in their careers Chubb/hunt are both significantly more talented than CEH/Bell 2) patrick mahomes vs baker mayfield. With mahomes at QB they’ll always be a pass first offense.

I tend to agree. With Bell being so much bigger and a proven blocker/pass catcher, I just don’t see how he doesn’t take all the 3rd down and red zone carries from CEH. Bell could end up being a lot more valuable than CEH.

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Agreed. I have a hard time seeing CEH getting anymore goaline work. CEH is so dangerous in open space but he has been terrible in short yardage situation. Bell is a big dude

Well I blame a ton of that on the KC o-line. They are good until they’re on the goal line. On the goal line they are horrific. CEH is running into a wall of at least 2-3 defenders every goal line play. I’d be surprised if Derrick Henry could get into the end zone behind that garage. It’s like they swap last years Dolphins o-line in for every goal line carry.

That’s why I’m a bit wary of either KC RB now.

The offer i’ve got floated to me was Gibson and Drake for CEH and Kelly (he has Ekeler). Honesty don’t know if i’d just be better off sticking with CEH and seeing what happens, Bell wont be doing anything this week and likely not much next week while he learns the playbook etc.

He also isn’t the old Pittsburgh version of Lev Bell, he’s always needed a good line to match his style so there is a chance greater than zero that he just doesn’t have it anymore.

I think either get something good or I think I’ll have two weeks to move CEH, hoping he has a massive game this week and trade off that.

I would not take that trade. I’m not big on Gibson and especially not Drake. I still think CEH could still be a consistent RB2 and I can’t say that about Drake or Gibson.

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Yeah I was tilting this morning to be honest, but dust settling I’ve settled on that he will likely be just as he has been which is 100% fine. Plus he plays for KC, the upside each week can be sky high as they can score at will.

Gibson I do like but the team situation won’t allow for more than low end RB2 numbers and the odd fluke week here and there.

Think i’ll hold and see what the next couple of weeks bring, if CEH has two good games and i can get a RB1 who has some duds back i will.


My RB’s
1a Cook, 1b #cuff1 Mattison
CEH = uuugggg on Bell Signing
J Jackson

You’re stacked at RB. Maybe try and trade CEH for a WR1?

What about getting Ekeler for when he’s back? You have Jackson for now and if he’s out longer, and you have the depth to hold him.

With Herb starting he’ll be more like 2018 Ekeler when he returns than what he was to start this year.

Failing that you could get an every week WR starter for CEH.

Partially but CEH will never be a back that runs people over

Robinson owner here. I wouldn’t accept that trade so go for it I guess

I’m having a hard time seeing what I should do I had James Robinson and traded him for Golladay but now Bell signed with KC! Luckily I have both CEH and Bell but idk if it’s going to be a head ache and idk if I should try trading one of them, what do you guys think?

QB Wilson and Cousins
RBs CEH, Hunt, David Johnson, Bell, Edmonds
WRs Golladay, Evans, Hollywood, Justin Jefferson
TE Tonyan
Def Rams
K Slye

I’m currently 3-2 in a 12 team ppr league

I have both CEH and Bell and was able to trade CEH for James Robinson…what do you guys think? I got too nervous thinking of the headache of a running back committee…did I do well or did I trade too low? Thanks