Le’Veon Bell..... what now?

Dude is killin me. I took him 2nd overall. Makes me sick to think of all the other good solid starters I passed on at that spot. I’m a Saints fan and really wanted Kamara, However, Le’Veon was supposedly the much better pick at the #2 spot. Needless to say I regret very much taking Le’Veon number 2 overall immensely. Honestly this has ruined my entire season of FF. I only play in one work league and that’s it.
It’s a blow that I’m just not able to recover.
I’m 0-3 I’m wondering WTF do I do with Bell?? Can’t trade him, can’t cut, can’t start him. He is seriously just taking up space. Waste of a roster spot. Ugh!

Unfortunately theres alot of us out here with the same regret and double down on it if you dont have Conners. Just pray he gets traded because I really dont think he can go back to the Steelers and just jump right back into it like we all going to forget what just happened.

I just traded for Bell. He said he wants to play Football again this season. You can always trade away Bell and get a solid RB2 and Wr2 for him probably. I just traded AP and Amari for Cooks and Bell