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Le’Veon or Saquon in keeper


PPR. Keeper league where we keep only 4 each year. Keeper value based on draft round previous year and migrated up two rounds the next. I have the choice at #1 overall of Le’Veon or Saquon.
Thoughts? Leaning back to Bell but Saquon is so young and could be grand for years to come.


To clarify, can you keep a first rounder the next year? If so, is take Saquon.


I will be able to keep whom ever I choose. Each keeper is capped up to a first round value that was selected in first three rounds the previous year. #onlykeepone1strounder


Gotcha. Yea, I’d take Saquon. I have some concerns about Bell as it is and it’s not looking good for him to be a Steeler next year, which further hurts his value.


im in the same exact position my draft is in a couple hours and im leaner towards saquan. I dont love the uncertainty of bells future in a keeper league and barkley should have a high floor at the least with potential to go off.


You nailed it