Le’Veon trade advice

Other RB’s of note for me are:
(The rest are just deep stashes)

This is a Superflex, so I expect to be able to draft a top 2 position player at the 1.04. For me it comes down to what Henry will actually do in this new offense, and what will Williams’ role actually be with his new coach. What are your thoughts?

I’m lower on lev bell than most. I like this trade in a vacuum, but you’re really thinking yourself at RB unless you strike gold in the draft. It’s a good deal if you’re rebuilding, but if you’re a contender you might want to keep your stud

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I don’t see it as a good move. With this draft class, there will be good talent but its mostly a crap shoot especially before the NFL draft. Also, talking about crap shoots, Henry is as unpredictable as it gets. I don’t like trading a known asset for an unknown, much less an unknown for 2 unknowns. Bell will no longer be Bell of old but he should still be a top 10 guy. Henry could be top 10 or he could be outside the top 30.
I’m all for moving Bell but not for this.

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I’m lower on him too. I actually already accepted it the other day before you guys had responded, as he sent it, cancelled it, and then resent it again. I didn’t want to miss my opportunity. But I managed to turn the 1.04 and McCoy into Sony Michel. So I actually feel much better about the trade at this point. Thanks for the advice guys! The uncertainty on Henry is what made me hesitant.

This is not even remotely close to the value of Bell IMO.

Not sure how many times Henry believers need to be disappointed before coming to terms with reality.