Leading, should I sit Monday players?

I am up by 5, other guy is done. I have Lindsey and Denver’s D. Do I play it out or play it safe?

Just play it safe, no need to run up the score at this point. Take your W and have a good nights sleep brother


Agreed - may be unlikely but dont want to risk negative points when you already have the win.

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Have to agree with everybody else. You already got it buddy!!! Don’t push it by maybe possibly getting negative points and screwing up your CLINCH!!!

Just enjoy it and don’t PUSH it and screw up the “given”!!!

LOL…you already WON!!! LOL…why push it??? TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! :beers: :rofl: :+1:

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Can defense go negative in your league? If not then play your def. 5 points is a lot, bit it’s possible one of your players got credit for a 50 yard run that was really someone else and it gets corrected later

Im up by about 20 and still have lindsay. I got my ship. just going to bench lindsay, or play royce or sutton or something silly and obnoxious like that.

But your help on here this year definetely was an added benefit.