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League Changes

So frustrated not getting my league members to agree to changing to FAAB and no kickers… SMH

What was their objection to FAAB? I managed to get it approved in two of my leagues but I had to write up a good summary of the pros to get it over the line.

There is a good article on this site about FAAB and the reason you should switch.

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They said it was too different and too hard. They said too complicated for a casual league yada yada yada…

Yeah, that subtracting from $100 can be a real pain.

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@JayVozz8 A good response to the “too hard” complaint is to have that person explain how “Reset Each Week to Inverse Order of Standings” waivers works.

If they are “that casual” my guess is they have no idea beyond make a claim - get a players. Ask them “What happens when there are multiple claims accepted within one waiver run?”

FAAB is easier. It’s essentially an auction. Everyone natively understand that the person paying the most wins the player. No matter how many claims they have. And if you run out of money than you can’t win a claim.