League Chat Options

What are some apps or sites people use for group chat for their league? I’m trying to encourage more trading and communication between members in my dynasty league.

Once you try it, there’s nothing better.

Other popular app is GroupMe, but I personally don’t like it. It works if you are in just one small league. But if you are in several it gets pretty confusing.

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GroupMe. It is awesome. Flexibly and I have multiple channels for the league I manage to keep the chatter organized. Example, Main channel, draft channel, and a trade channel. Easier for me as commish to review.

To @nicotitan point, I can see GroupMe getting confusing for a lot of leagues. I only have two in there and it works fine.

Indeed. Problem is not so much for the commish, but for the players. I’m in 2 startups with GroupMe, and it’s really hard to DM owners cause you don’t know who they are, and the team names don’t carry to the DMs. That for me is the biggest downside.

That said, lot of people likes it. But I would still recommend Slack over it all day long.


I’ve used GroupMe in the past and been very happy with it as a messaging app. However I thought I would mention another option. One of my fantasy leagues uses Facebook. I initially hated it, as Ii use FB less and less these days. However there was an unexpected outcome. Because FB provides other personal information that specific Dynasty league is closer and more active then any of my other leagues. People wish each other congratulations for birthdays, babys, weddings, etc. And despite the league being formed online, it feels like we know each other.

@nicotitan and @dcghost One thing that has worked really well for me in GroupMe is to use the Nickname functionality. Each individual group will allow you to setup a unique nickname. In several of my leagues, people use their “team name - first name”. I find this extremely efficient to know who you’re communicating with.

Yes, that’s correct. But the problem that I still see, that “team name-first name” doesn’t carry when you go into DMs. There is just whatever that person has as default for his account (likely his name, or anything else)