League Collusion - NEED ADVICE ASAP


Work money league with a $300.00 buy in that I’ve been the commissioner of for the past 6 years. Yesterday I traded Kerryon Johnson and Wayne Gallman for Saquon Barkley.

Today news came out that Saquon could be back sooner then expected so the owner I traded with contacted multiple people in the league and told them to veto it immediately.

I am on the fence of cancelling the entire league. The owner or Saquon had sent multiple owners trades for Saquon but no one was willing to take the risk except me. My main issue is the league has openly said if news came out that Saquon was out for the year they wouldn’t have vetoed it because I’m in 1st place.

What should I do?!?

If voting is allowed, allow voting. Don’t just close up shop because of the democracy of the league.
I hate the begging to vote, but trust that everyone else isn’t just going to veto it.

Don’t get hurt that your buy low, ends up getting cancelled

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I like the league voting on a trade being fair. That’s not my point.

This owner got news of a trade that was already accepted and went out of his way to convince others to veto it. If this trade was made on Monday it goes through this morning with zero issue.

You don’t see a problem with that?

Your comment of closing the league because you won’t benefit is sophomoric. It isn’t so much a great thing for the league to be begged to veto, but there are lots of factors that go into timing of a trade, you didn’t win this trade, but there will be more…

Idk what other dude is talking about lol if you have evidence that he’s telling everyone else to veto that trade then that is 100% collusion


Thank you! I have texts from multiple other owners telling me he reached out them which I called him on and he admitted to it.

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Also it is only buy low because of the news! If Saquon re aggravated his injury and news came out this morning that he was out for the year I would own the decision I made and chalk it up as a loss! Not have the league collude to go back on what I agreed to.

That is crap. You are taking on all the risk of Barkley coming back late in the year and or getting reps like Gurley did toward the end of last year. The other owner is taking a chance that Barkley does what he looks like hes going to do and come back early. Idk about shutting the league down but i have a problem with eveyone voting against the trade with the recent news.


Yeah shutting the league down is a little much but the trade should go through. That’s his fault for not waiting to see how his progress was going. That’s just fantasy football. Just this last Saturday someone traded Chubb for Mack 1:1 and we saw how that turned out haha


I agree that closing the league is aggressive but this just happened when I wrote this post and I was hot. For the record I would have this stance (not the closing the league part) even if I wasn’t involved in the trade.

I dunno, I don’t like thinking of this as collusion. They’re still following the rules and I don’t think solicitation of league-mates to veto a trade is against the rules, they still have the choice.
If you want to fix this for next year make it a commissioner decision and/or cut the veto deadline down. But stuff like this will happen, because of the time between the trade acceptance and veto deadline.
There’s no way to control the way people vote when you decide to make the rules you have. Some people don’t like it if you veto anything that doesn’t look like collusion, some people just want to use it as a way to keep teams from getting stronger. You have to take the good with the bad and these rules just suck with bad league-mates


In my opinion there is nothing you can do about it. When you allow voting on trades this is what happens. Trades should go through immediately. If collusion is apparent then the commissioner can reverse it. Vetoing trades causes nothing but problems.


We are moving forward with the following rule:

Since our league is split between 2 office locations. Each office will vote to have a trade rep.

When a trade is accepted each rep with discuss the trade.

If they agree it’s fair, the trade is pushed through immediately.

If they agree it’s unfair, the trade is vetoed immediately.

If they are split, I will flip a coin with the winning side determining the trade.

As the commish I actually feel good about this system and have calmed my nerves lol.

you should have never allowed voting in the first place. Establish the rules in the first place that you will make the decision as commissioner and no trade will be vetoed unless it is clear collusion. Letting other people vote is just letting them vote in the best interest of their team, which is bullshit. This trade should have gone through as is.


It has never been an issue in the past 5 years so I didn’t think it needed to be changed. Basically one of our office locations has decided to “run the league”. Basically they collectively have acted all year as judge, jury and executioner. It sucks that it is mid season but as the commish I feel it is necessary for me to protect the rest of the league owners who have invested a good amount of money into it.

Agreed. This is like if I traded for AJ Green last year, right before he went down with that season ending toe injury. I wouldn’t expect the guy I traded with to take him back because the trade is still technically “pending approval”. It was agreed upon and that’s the risk you take. You traded for Saquon under the risk that you may not have him until weeks 10-12. The other owner did not want to deal with that risk, so he sold. Backing out on a trade after the fact is crazy and I’m sure you want to make it the commish approval going forward (as long as it is unbias).


Thank you! This is my point exactly! The determination of the trade should be based upon the time of the trade. Could you imagine an NFL team going “Hey I know we agreed to trade our backup QB to you but our Starter just got hurt so we want our backup back”…

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This would be the case if you had the rules set to no approval time or commissioner approval, but with the rules the way they are that’s not an appropriate way to view trades.

The issue is what are the rules and when do you think a trade is finalized. If your rules are the way they are, then veto time is actually still trade acceptance time until that veto deadline. If the veto time is zero, then trade acceptance is an actual trade. Whenever you add veto time you’re changing the actual acceptance time. You can theoretically believe that a trade acceptance is a trade acceptance, but practically speaking, and under the actual rules, it’s not finalized until the veto deadline is up.

It does sound like you’re having issues with this other group trying to take advantage of the rules, but to me, that’s something you have to live with until next year- mainly b/c I don’t believe in actual rule changes in the middle of the year. Since they don’t have the numbers for full control I’d try to band the other half of the league together to fight their actions. Of course we’re only hearing one side of the story so I’m surprised they were ok with the rule change to this “representative” decision setup if they were really after trying to control the league.

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you should put guidelines on “fair or unfair”. Unfair for me might be different for someone else. Just because someone deems it unfair, doesn’t mean it definitely is. People have different strategies with how they are running their teams and a fair trade may look worse than it is to an outsider

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Your whole issue is that you allow your leaguemates to vote on “fairness of trades”. If it’s in the rules you’re kinda stuck with it at this point. It should never be allowed to vote to veto trades if you’re playing with people you know.

Once the trade is finalized by both teams it should be put through without question.

If people are voting to veto just because he texted them to do so then that is actually collusion and should be punishable by death!

No but seriously this is a mess and it’s why I will never allow votes on trades in any league I’m LM of. Shutting down the league would be ridiculous though