League Draft Order 2020

Hello Fellas, I am a commissioner of a league and this year I decided to go completely overboard with how I would reveal the draft order to my league. I made this video and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Give it a look!

Thanks and good luck this season! Stay safe.


I love this :joy::joy:

That is f-in’ hilarious…most excellent.

@AGains110 @AGains110 haha thank you! It was a ton of fun. This sparked the idea of doing a weekly podcast for my league where I do a recap of the week and, more importantly, talk smack to my league members. Lots a time at home due to COVID so I’m trying to keep busy haha


I mean that’s how the FF Ballers started there podcast and look at where they are now! Keep doin it my man :love_you_gesture:

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