LEAGUE FILLED! SF Dynasty Startup for Newbies/Beginners!

Hey all! I am creating a superflex dynasty league! I’m a beginner to dynasty and am looking for people in the same boat as me. If interested, please only respond if you have 0-1 years of dynasty experience and are committed for the long haul & to communication with league-mates! Looking for committed, responsive, and new dynasty players. Honestly, just looking for a great group of people who want to dive into dynasty. See below for info:

•12 teams
•Full PPR, 1.5 TE premium
• Entry is $50 per season with the first 2 years up front. After that, the entry fee you are paying is for the next year (so say the payment in 2025 is for the 2026 season)
•Prizes are 400/150/50
•League platform is Sleeper
•League dues paid through LeagueSafe
•Startup draft is snake
•Rookie draft for initial startup will have the selections picked with kicker fillers during the startup vet draft. So, the team that picks the first kicker gets the first pick in the 2022 rookie draft. Second kicker gets second pick. And so on. A team can have as many kickers (rookie picks) as they want in the start-up for 2022
•Rookie draft is Linear for subsequent seasons
•Rookie draft order is based on max points for (so lowest max points for gets 1st pick)
•Roster will be: QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, SF, 15 Bench
•No kickers. No defenses. Kickers are only used for the rookie fillers in the startup draft. After that, kickers will be dropped and removed
•There are 2 IR spots - OUT or IR players will be allowed on these spots
•There will be 4 taxi squad spots allowing only first and second year players. Movement on and off squad in season is allowed
•Trades will be open at all times except during the week prior to the playoffs and during the playoffs each season
•You MUST start an acceptable winning lineup every week. If you miss something or someone let me know in DM your reason. Two examples of this with no reason will result in consequences
•People are allowed to make whatever team decisions they want including trades. Only collusion is going to stop a trade
•If you have an issue or rule suggestion or problem with another owner, DM it to me and I will handle it or put it to a vote
•Rules changes will require a ⅔ vote to pass
•Scoring rules will not be changed at any point
•I will not vote in any votes, unless there is a tie. Then I’ll be the tiebreaker vote
•All drafts will be slow drafts (8 hours per pick) and rushing people will not be tolerated
•Clocks in drafts do not run between 11pm-730am EST
•Trash talk is encouraged, but racism, sexism, homophobia etc will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate expulsion with loss of entry fee.

If interested message me the following on Sleeper @ sburnham87:
•Number of years of redraft/keeper experience
•Number of years of dynasty experience
•Favorite NFL team