League format draft strategy?

My league is a 1 QB, 3 WR, 1 RB, and 1 RB/WR position league. Would this change everyone’s draft strategy significantly? I feel like WRs are a much bigger priority with on needing to play 1 RB each week

Yeah having a start 1 RB league with only 1 Flex, I’d def prioritize WR. Zero RB strategy is probably what I would be implementing here assuming I am picking outside of the top 5. Would almost prefer to pick near the tail end of the draft so I can get 2 stud WRs tbh.

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We also get to keep one player. I’m between Sequon and OBJ. Which would you keep?

Saquon. Don’t overthink that one.

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Agree, keep Saquon. Draft 0 RB to start, pick up a wild card near the end of your draft for back up and flex play.