League Format Idea: Clash of the Clans - 12 teams, 4 divisions, infinite strategy


What’s the one thing that’s frowned upon in most any fantasy league? Collusion. What if there was a league where collusion was not only encouraged but rewarded?

I call it Clash of the Clans.

The basics: 12 team fantasy football where there’s 4 divisions each consisting of 3 teams

The catch: The divisions are renamed Clans and instead of them being your rivals they are your allies. You will never face one of your clan mates on any given week. Each week you play one game against a head to head matchup and a second game against the league median point total. For every win against your weekly matchup you earn your clan 1 point, for every win against the league median you earn your clan 1 point. You’re competing with your clan to be the best clan. Collusion is encouraged, you and your clan mates conspire against the other clans. Your clan mates QB is on bye, you give them your backup to help them win. Your clan mate is going against the strongest team, you make his team stronger. The only stipulation is you can’t trade players from your first two or three draft picks. That would help prevent one team in a clan from dumping all their players just to boost the other two teams.

Winner is determined: For playoffs, the top two clans face off in a single week playoff game. All the teams on Clan A against all the teams on Clan B. You can pair the playoff matchups by best record on Clan A against best record on clan B, second best record on Clan A against second best record on Clan B, etc. May the best clan win.

Reasons to play: Strategy comes into play when you’re managing your clans strengths and weaknesses each week to give your clan the best chance of winning. Managing your waiver pickups as you can stash players to give to your clan mates. Drafting becomes extra strategic as you can draft while strategizing with your clan. Meaning you could draft all the QBs for your whole clan on one team and then distribute them after the draft. Also it’s a fun camaraderie type of thing where each clan can create a clan name/logo etc. Additionally, it gives an added layer of fun watching games where you’re cheering for your team and your clans teams each week. It also solves the problem where traditionally your friends don’t care who is on your roster, they will now if you’re in their clan.

Additional notes: I am doing this with some friends this year. The way we made commissioner duties work is each of the four clans has someone designated Clan Leader, the clan leaders split the commissioner powers 4 ways so no single clan inadvertently getting favoritism from the commish. Also each of these 4 clan leaders gets to recruit the other two people in their clan so you know each clan is made of people that know each other and are willing to strategize with each other.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts or if you have suggestions to add, shoot them my way.

Cool idea, I wonder how it works out in practice. Is this a redraft format or dynasty?

One issue I can think of is determining draft order. I.e. Is it better to space your clan mates out or to have it all close to each other so you can start runs and monopolize positional advantages. I think the latter is probably most beneficial, especially if you can get 3 or the top 5 picks in the draft and monopolize workhorse RBs. Kind of sucks to leave something like that up to luck though. So maybe you’d have to force people to space it out where you can’t pick within 2 spots of a clan mate or something. Some food for thought.

Firstly, we are doing this as a redraft, if we really like it then we may start it up as a dynasty format in 2020.

As for our draft, we are going to randomize the order of clan picks but essentially, we will have a snake within a snake as far as clan picks go:

1.01 - Clan A (team 1)
1.02 - Clan B (team 2)
1.03 - Clan C (team 3)
1.04 - Clan D (team 4)
1.05 - Clan D (team 5)
1.06 - Clan C (team 6)
1.07 - Clan B (team 7)
1.08 - Clan A (team 8)
1.09 - Clan A (team 9)
1.10 - Clan B (team 10)
1.11 - Clan C (team 11)
1.12 - Clan D (team 12)
2.01 - Clan D (team 12)
2.02 - Clan C (team 11)

It will be random which clan is assigned to which place (A/B/C/D), but it will be up to each clan to decide which of their teams will take which of their three spots in the draft.

So Clan A will get picks 1, 8 & 9. Clan B will get picks 2, 7 & 10. Clan C will get picks 3, 6 & 11. And clan D will get picks 4, 5 & 12.

That makes sense. Would love to be clan D in that scenario.

Hey. If you are still looking for members, I am interested.

I wish dude, Im doing this with some real life friends. Ive posted this format a couple places and each time people get pretty excited about it. Im sure you could grab a few people and use this format. All it takes as far as commish work is to set the schedule manually so that you never play against someone in your clan (division) and then adjust the playoff as one big playoff week 3v3.

bumping this to the top as its now relevant for people to start trying this out.