LEAGUE FOUND! Ultra Active Owner looking for Dynasty League

Hello Footclan!

I am an extremely active owner looking to Join a Dynasty Start up League or in the right case take over an orphan team. I have been playing fantasy since 1992 and I am in 3 other leagues (one Dynasty). I am the commish of all three of the leagues, one of which we are entering our 28th season! I always have the most trades completed and offered, other than winning it is my favorite part of fantasy football. Below are some of the things I am looking for.

  • 10 or 12 team league
  • $50 to $250 yearly entry fee
  • prefer .5 PPR
  • Interested in Superflex, but would consider non
  • No Kickers!
  • larger roster size (20+)
  • Fun environment
  • Draft can’t be on Sept 3rd or 4th

Thank you for your consideration!


hey @Matthew7m3,

I have an auction dynast start up draft for $50, 0.5 ppr 27 roster, no kickers, no DST, 2 QB so WRT for 2 flex spots, message me on sleeper if intersted @PRuskin for more details, we have 1 open spot in 10 team league

sent you a dm on sleeper. Thanks for the response!

League Found. Thank you!