League Full! 12-Team PPR, $75 Buy-In, ESPN Redraft League

Welcome to Gulf Dwellers!

My name is Nick and I’ll be your commissioner. After experiencing a few leagues sourced from the Fantasy Footballers Community Forums last year, I’m taking a few lessons learned and starting my own league. What are those lessons?

  1. No money at stake = no action, no fun. Gulf Dwellers will have a healthy amount of cash in the pot, weekly payouts, and sizable winnings going to the league champ. More details are below.
  2. Anonymity is lame. We’ll attempt to make this a local Tampa Bay league and will host a live draft for all who can attend.
  3. A democratic approach to starting up leagues with strangers simply doesn’t work. All details listed below are set and will not be changed – from scoring, roster, free agency, draft date, buy-in, payouts, playoff format, everything. The idea is that participants will self-select, or decide that this league is a unique fit for them. Then, when they decide they’re in, they’re IN. The result will be a league filled with committed, active participants.

All details for the Gulf Dwellers league are below. Message me if you’re in!

Draft Date, Type – Snake Draft, Saturday 8/25, 6:00pm EST

League Website – ESPN

Number of Teams – 12

Buy-In – $75

Payouts – $25 to each week’s top scorer during the regular season, $150 to 2nd place and $425 to league champ.

Cash Management – Venmo (LeagueSafe doesn’t allow weekly payouts). Now for an obligatory note on trust. We don’t know each other yet, so I get it. But I promise you that I’m a real person just trying to assemble a fun, competitive league. I’ll do what it takes to get you comfortable – we can talk by phone, meet for a beer, whatever you’d like. Plus, payouts will start week 1 (to the weekly top scorer) so you’ll see right away that there’s no scamming going on here.

Communication Method – Email.

Rosters – 9 starters, 6 bench spots. Starters are 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K

Free Agency – Free agent auction budget of $100 for the season. No limit on acquisitions.

Trades – Trade deadline 11/21/18 at 12pm (just before week 12). No limit on trades. 2 day trade review period, 4 votes required to veto trades.

Playoffs – Top 8 teams make the playoffs (there is only 1 division). Playoffs start in week 14 and end after week 16 matchups. 3 rounds, single week matchups, no byes.

Scoring Type – Head to head

Scoring – ESPN standard PPR, see screenshot:


When is the buy-in due?

any spots left?

I’m interested.

Sorry TTT! I was on vacation last week. Buy-ins will be due by Wednesday 8/22. If that works, send me your email and you’re in!

Sorry jonathan, I was on vacation last week. Spots are available so send me your email and you’re in!

@brycecannon44 you’re in! Just sent you an invitation.

Hi sorry I just saw this is a local league, I am sadly not from Tampa, but I did get a signed Mike Evans Jersey from pristine auction haha

@jonathan.gionet I’m attempting to make this a local league but I’m OK to open it up. If you want in, just let me know!

Any spots left? I work in Tampa and live in Pasco…


Formerly a Tampa Bay-only league, but opening up so we can fill the league before our draft this Saturday 8/25! Hit me up!

I’d be interested for sure if you’d allow a Wisconsin boy in. If not, I totally understand. Let me know! Koster_jordan@hotmail.com

@Kosterjs14 you’re in! Just sent you an invitation from ESPN. Let me know if you have any problems.

How many of us will be at BWW for the draft? I’ll be there.

Anyone already in the league – please check your emails for an update on league setup!

Still looking for 3 more teams! Drafting tomorrow!

I’m from TN I’m in intrested in joining of the the draft is online tyler.white2121@yahoo.com

@tyler_white you’re in! Draft is online through ESPN. Sending you an invitation to the league now.

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AT work will check email asap

I am interested! My email is alexcyrenne@gmail.com