League Full 123

Reply if interested and you fit the old man requirement (old man > 40 yo)

10 Team
4WRT flex
24 roster spots
2 IR
4 Taxi (3 years or less)
Combined Vet / Rookie Draft with 3rd round reversal


I am interested. However I am not a footclan veteran. This is my first year as a footclan member but I have been playing FF for 20+ years. I am 51 yrs old.

Sounds good. If we get to 5 positive responses, I will put a league in place and we can build to ten.

We have 3 now … we will wait patiently

Find me on Sleeper App … “DraftBust”

I am showing my age here but do I heave to have the sleeper app or can I just go to the sleeper web page? I am very new to sleeper so I am still trying to learn it some. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please resend the invite to your league. I clicked on it and it was spinning trying to let me in but then disappeared. I am still very interested.



You need to download the app. Setup an account and send your user name to me.

my sleeper username is frap711

sorry, sleeper username is frappier711

Bump to the top. Let’s go!

Still have spots available

I’m interested in joining, if there are spots available. Sleeper tag: Prokovsky

Spots still available …

I’m interested. Sleeper name is jasonmnffl

Hey there,

I’m 38yo but working hospitality for 21 years should get me qualified for being over 40 :slightly_smiling_face:

My sleeper name is CoachTaylor82

Need a few more. Want to draft asap. Slow draft.

I’m 40, is that old man enough?

A few more teams open.

Perfect I sent you an invite