[League Full] 3 Teams Needed for Friendly Beginner/Intermediate Redraft .5ppr league

Hey all! I’m looking for three folks who want to jump in and take over three orphan teams in a 10 team .5pt ppr redraft league. This is a friendly league (some folks are newer to fantasy), so I’m not asking for buy in. It will be competitive, and, I don’t want to have randos who just phone it in for the season.

I will personally buy the winner of the leage a jersey of their choice once all is said and done. And, if we get a solid set of players, I’d be open to turning in this into a keeper league.

If you’re interested, feel free to grab a spot.

Tentative draft set for this Saturday at 6:00pm EST, but may be able to move up if everyone is available. Draft order will also be set once all teams are claimed.

Updated: One Spot Left

Hosting on Sleeper? If yes, name: jwrentzel.

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Indeed on Sleeper. Invite heading your way.

are you still looking for people for your league? If so, i’m down

I’d say you should be full now, but if not, I’d fill in, too. Sounds very similar to my usual league that is probably canceled this year.

My sleeper name is the same.

@joey107956 @LastPlaceBaller Would you both be in if I made it a 12 team instead of 10? (Honestly, prefer a 12 team).

I would, but I don’t want to stretch your league if others don’t want that.

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Sent you an invite.

I’m down to join

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Would you like me to send an invite? If so, what’s your sleeper un?

Yes please

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@joey107956 Invite sent.

looks like this may be full now. if not i would be interested. sleeper name @kyleestes2

Hey @kyle200437 Still waiting to hear back from one other person. If that falls through, I’ll send you an invite.

I’m interested if a spot is still available. Sleeper name: nateoriousX