[League Full] "Baller's Standard" .5 PPR / 12 Team / Keeper League / $100 / Sleeper / FAAB / No Kickers / LeagueSafe

Bonjour Footclan,

I’ve wanted to do a keeper league for a while using the “Ballers Standard” rules - but couldn’t find one so I figured I’d start one. I have never been a commissioner outside of family leagues, but I have been in plenty of leagues and will be very active and involved-especially given this will be a keeper league. I hope you all love fantasy football as much as I do!

First off everything will be through LeagueSafe. Also, some things we can put some things up to vote like payouts, divisions, draft date, cost, etc…

But here are the general settings-just like the Footballers use:

12 Teams
0.5 Point Per Reception
1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
2 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
5-6 Bench Spots
2 Injured Reserved Spots
FAAB Waivers - $100 as the budget
FAAB Tiebreaker: Resets each week to inverse order of standings
Season Acquisition Limit: No limit!
3 Keepers
Trade Limit: No Limit
Trade Deadline: Week 8
Playoffs: Weeks 14-16, 6 Teams (3 rounds, 2 Byes)
Lineup Changes: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
Divisions: 3 divisions of 4 teams where we play each division mate twice and everyone else once. Each year, there will be one team outside of your division that you do not play.

Draft Date: Up to vote. We can do a slow draft starting after the COVID opt out date, or set a specific date. Whatever works.

COVID Planning: I say we vote on this but I’m thinking something like - if things go through Week 10 and get cancelled afterwards - highest points is the winner for the year. If things are cancelled before week 10, we can refund and vote on how to pick keepers. My preference is to look to the Footballers and NFL on how to handle things.

If you are interested send me your sleeper name and I’ll send you an invite.

I’d be down for this. Sleeper name : BobbaGhanoush

I am interested! Sleeper username: FFballer11

Interested! Sleeper name is CivilEnginerd

Interested… Bradleylevi

Interested! trinityalps124 on sleeper

Update: So far we have 5/12.

Awesome. Sent you a friend request on sleeper.

I want to join I’m a good active FF player I’m looking for a good money league that’s competitive active hit me up fom51la@yahoo.com ty sleeper tag GameofFury

Sent you a friend request on sleeper.

7/12 Spots Filled

Sleeper: chunkiwudchukluv
Looking for one more league to join

Interested, Skyline09 on sleeper

Sounds good, I’m interested. Sleeper name is Lionheart10

2 spots left.

Sleeper name Dante3000 if you still got space.

hi - i’m in if you have room
Sleeper Bobby1987

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Im interested. naterfenby