[League Full] Creating a brand new dynasty SF PPR league

Hey friends. I’m looking for 11 highly active, friendly league mates. If interested, here’s a list of the league rules.

Link here: summary below

League Summary

  • Jackpot league; back-to-back winner wins the jackpot (NOT an empire league, rosters do NOT reset)
  • 12 teams playing a 13-week regular season with 3 weeks of playoffs
  • 1 division, top 6 records make playoffs, total points for us tiebreaker in all tie breaking cases
  • 25 roster spots with 3 taxi spots and 3 injured reserve spots
  • 10 starters - 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/3FLEX/1SUPEREX
  • PPR scoring system with 6 point QB scoring
  • All regular season games are Head-to-Head
  • Startup Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer)
  • Initial Rookie draft slot selected during Startup Draft
  • Startup Picks can be traded
  • Rookie Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer)
  • 2021 rookie draft and beyond are done via draft lottery
  • Week 10 Trade Deadline
  • Winners - Playoffs for prize money
  • 6 team playoff during weeks 14-16
  • Week 14: Top 2 seeds by record get a bye, bottom 4 seeds compete in Head-to-Head round and winners advance to week 15.
  • Week 15: Final 4 compete in Head-to-Head round. Winners advance to Championship Game, losers play for third place.
  • Week 16: Championship and third place games
  • Losers - Toilet Bowl (Battle to avoid last place; does not determine draft order.)
  • Draft order determined by total points for during the regular season
  • Season FAAB budget of $100 is given on league start.
  • Offseason FAAB budget of $100 is given following Super Bowl Sunday.
  • League Annual Fee: $35. February 1st league dues for the FOLLOWING season are due: (example feb 1 2021 is the due date for 2022 season league dues)
  • League hosted on Sleeper
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Hey, love the concept and am interested, whats the best way to get in touch with you for any details? (assuming slots are still open :slightly_smiling_face:)

any possibility of doing this as an auction draft? those are great to not lock players into place based only on draft position, especially for a dynasty start up. I know not everyone is into auction drafts, but they are the best imho to get a dynasty started.

Also, TPF to determine draft postion. I am guessing lowest goes first? Just wanted to clarify. I like that as a way to get it figured out.

I am SUPER into an auction draft, however i Have not seen it executed in a dynasty well. We will just do a snake startup

update, leaguesafe is now our payment system,

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Interesting. I have had great experience with auction drafts. that said, my experience is no one else’s :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response and best of luck with your league!

League is filling up. About 5 spots left

Really good job laying out the rules, are these pretty standard for dynasty leagues? Very interested in trying out the format myself. I have run a number of leagues but never any dynasty.

Can I get in??

Any spots left?

Added you on sleeper. Username: maximus1852

Just added you if there are still spots let me know username shiteman

Hey there! I would love to join if there’s still room! Looking for my first dynasty experience! Let me know!

Any spots left,league sounds fun