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League full - please remove


New league set up with some friends, two people had to drop last minute due to not being able to make the draft tonight. Looking for a some laid back but active players to who are interested in getting in on the action!

10 team, ballers preferred format (.5 ppr, but no keepers as of right now), ESPN drafting tonight at 9pm PST.


I’ll be in. Are we using the sleeper app? novat90@gmail.com


I’m interested. Any buy-in?



ESPN - let me know if you are still interested


$30 buy in


Yeah, I’m down. Send me a link or whatever is the next step.


invite sent


I accepted and joined, got in, etc. It’s saying the draft is at midnight, ET. That the final decision?


Yes - west coast based league - it’s all in the post


Ok, great.


any spots left?


In if there’s still a spot. boontis@gmail.com


Full up - thanks for the interest everyone