*League Full* Starting a New Dynasty League, OH

New dynasty league. Would like to draft next weekend or maybe labor day. Details are below but starting roster subject to change prior to draft.

10 team, 1/2 ppr, dynasty league on flea flicker
Full IDP
Start: 2qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1te, 2 rb/wr/te flex,
1 qb/rb/wr/te flex
Start 11 IDP
Roster size: 53

Looking for 4 ppl to start this dynasty league as we already have 6. Looking for people new to dynasty and full IDP leagues. We are located in southeastern ohio so people in that area or Ohio in general would be favored.

Im interested. No where near Ohio but active and committed, If the draft is labor day that works out perfect at anytime.

is there a buy in? how much and by when do you need it?

email patrickffranco@yahoo.com

There isn’t a buy in. It will just be a free league.

OOOhh, even better. Wifey wouldve killed me lol. sounds good to me. I’ll await the email if you decide youd like to invite me. Thanks!

I’m in too if you need someone. I did IDP for the first time on a #footclan-leagues last year. It was really fun.

@Patcakes @marrsman11b
Just sent you guys the invite. Changed it to sleeper.app instead of flea flicker

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Link didn’t work for me