League GM Ethics Question?

Question for league GMs: if you have a long standing 1 Player keeper league, but you lost a few Teams this year what do you do for new guys entering the league? Do you give them a choice of keeper before the draft? Do you give them the first picks so they can at least get a Stud to make it fair? What are the Ethics here?

I’ve never been in this situation in any way…
However if I was that new player I would want the league to either; 1) ditch all keepers and start a brand new draft 2) let me pick a keeper before the draft of a quality one remains.

I don’t think it’s good enough to just let them draft first. You all already have a stud and you will have a first round pick. The new player should be in the same position with a stud and a first round pick. If that can’t be accomplished then you really may want to consider having everyone start from the same spot… empty rosters. Gotta have a level playing ground at the start otherwise someone will complain the whole year about something.

can the new guys essentially take over the old teams, and pick a keeper from the previous team’s roster? I realize they’re keeping someone from someone else’s team, but surely each team has at least one player worth keeping?