League growing. Need advice

Our 12 man league is growing to 14 this year. With the addition of 2 more teams drafting I’m wondering if it would be smart to change the roster requirements so the waiver wire isn’t a total wasteland.

(If my league made trades more often I wouldn’t really consider the change but I feel every year there’s only 2-3 trades because nobody can agree on a “fair” trade.)

Our current roster lineup is as follows:
1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 K

I’m thinking of changing the flex to only a WR/TE and maybe reducing the # of bench spots to 5. Also I want to add an IR slot this year.

To swap it up a bit we could also add a defensive position to the roster to show those guys some love.


I would keep the roster the same. Even with 14 teams, a roster of 15 isn’t very big so I wouldn’t see any reason to change it. I also think changing the flex to wr/te wouldn’t be good if you are adding teams since that gives people less flexibility in terms of drafting their roster