League Idea Feedback

Just wanted to see what kind of feedback I could get with an idea for a fantasy league I have this year.

  • 12-team, .5PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, K, Def, 6Ben, 1IR (pretty standard)

  • $158 buy in - ($8 per team goes toward champion to receive choice of prize from Fantasy Jocks ($84 or under))

  • Remaining $150 goes toward pot to include payouts of:

  • Top scoring team from each week (1-13) $25 = $325

  • Top scoring team for all regular season = $275

  • Third place (Record then points) = $200

  • Championship runner-up = $300

  • Champion = $700 (plus remaining money from prize choice)

  • Only scoring difference would be 6 pt for Passing TD, -2 for INT, -1 per sack to add value to QBs in the draft. And kickers would receive -1.5 points for missing a kick less than 19 yards.

  • FAAB will be included

  • 6 teams make playoffs, 2 BYES to high seeds of each division.

  • Playoffs are weeks 14, 15 and 16.

Wondering if this kind of league would be appealing for individuals to join or should I not waste my time? It leans toward the expensive side, but offers different ways to be paid out so…

Any feedback would be great. Thank you.

I’ve always thought various weekly payouts would keep better interest in a league. Maybe even a weekly or regular season payout for loss(es) by least amount of points. Something to keep those who are not in the playoff hunt a reason to set a roster. Would this be a keeper league? No kicker. Third place would be team that wins consolation game, wouldn’t need to be record or points?