League in Flux - Any suggestions

First year league manager for a eight year league with one previous commish. I took over after any rule change votes were made at the end of the prior season so I felt it only fair not to mess with the rules for this current season.

My question is this though, how do I set up the league for future success without alienating anyone? We are a 12 team league and had to pick up 5 new members this year so we are at a place where things would be somewhat malleable. The previous commish is leaving so basically half of the league are newer players or new to the league.

The old commish pretty much liked chaos. Every year anyone could bring anything up for a league vote so it basically turned into a contest of who had enough friends every year in there little clique to get enough votes to change things to the way they wanted. One year we would have kickers. The next year we wouldn’t. Then two years later they would be back. We started as a standard league and went to PPR. Scoring bonuses change almost yearly, etc.

I want to do what is right for the league’s future moving forward and try to introduce Faab because I think it affords all of the players equal opportunity and solidify things. I also want to shore up some set rules on things like kickers, def, playing week 17, playoffs vs. full season standings league, etc.

What are some of the best methods to address these things. This seems like it needs to be more than a vote, but I also don’t want to come off as a total authoritarian, or play the same ‘clique games’ others did in the past just to get votes because I think that is one of the problems that created turnover in the first place.

I’ve thought about asking everyone simply to write down anything they might light to see differently with the league, but then opening discussion to the point that these will be longer term changes going forward.

Any suggestions?

Standard league scoring with .2 pts being allocated per yard. I like the twice as many pts per yard cause regular scoring wayyyy over values TDs to the point of insanity. If a RB had 100 yards and no TDs it’s considered a mediocre week.

What’s your sell job on it versus ‘the norm’. How would you pitch it to a group?

My sell is that it does a better job of providing true value of players. Its stupid that 40 yards and a TD equate to another player that has 100 yards. TDs can be so random certain weeks so yardage provides a better measurement of performance. I think you see higher compensation of players based on yardage, it’s a bonus if you’re a redZone threat but the key component of RBs/WRs is yardage provided. I think it’s a more realistic grading system of player skill.

What touchdown scoring breakdown do you suggest with this format? 4 passing and 6 rush/catch, or 6 across the board?

I’m looking for things like Rbins40 posted above, but I am also looking at the best way to deal with a group where half of the league is pretty set in the current system and might push back. What are some ‘soft touch’ ways to approach change in general?

I personally like the 4/6. Also, you’d obviously have to double QB pts per yard as well.

One thing I want to do is a league charter where I have something I can print out or email and send to new members. Something that basically says these are the rules and this is how we operate. If anyone has something like that I can look at for a guide line then please DM me.