League is trying to overturn a rule 6hrs before the draft

So this year in our league we voted on being able to trade players on your roster for draft picks. It passed with a 7-3 majority. And now people are complaining because they don’t like it. So the commissioner put up a poll to change the rule hours before the draft. I think this is bullshit and I’m wondering what everybody else thinks

It’s BS if trades have already been made. You can’t reverse it. But if no trades have been made, if majority passes again, it’s still cowards place IMO but at least more fair.

3 trades have already been made

That’s bullshit then. You can’t change a rule after decisions / actions have already been made based on that rule change. As soon as you change a rule and decisions are made, for all intents and purposes, that season has already started and you should wait till next season to make any changes.

Agreed, hopefully I can get some more responses

I would hit the eject button on that league.

Same. Get a better commish or just leave the league. Nothing ruins a league faster than group think.

Trades were made already, should not be put to a vote again. If they want, they can overturn the rule for next years draft but that’s it.