League issues with vetos

So our league doesnt use the in app veto system, trades go through when their accepted.

Our commish has the rule that if 6 teams or more contact him we can make a vote on it and then the vote can overturn it.

Other trades have gone through this year already this one is the one that got the attention of everyone

CMC and Butker
for Melvin Gordon and Corey Davis.

lost the vote 7-2 which is both of the trade people and the commish abstaining
now the guy that got cmc in it is quitting the league and controversy and drama is ensuing

helps to say the cmc orginal owner is not a huge football guy and honestly shouldnt be in the league but he is.

I thought we had a decent system to avoid this with the no trade reviews and mostly decent managers… I guess not

What say you should the trade have just gone through? was the veto justified?

I get why you guys vetoed it as the value of CMC despite his injury is too large and gives the team getting CMC a huge advantage when he returns, but the trade isn’t SO outrageous that i don’t see why the CMC owner did it in the first place. He’s basically giving up a guy in his IR that isn’t producing for him now to gain 2 guys that can start for him now, so it’s not like he inentionally accepted a lopsided trade (if what you say is true and he’s not a big football guy in the first place). For the sake of “fun” you guys did the right thing, but before letting him quit maybe you guys could give him some suggestions of trades of equal value that he can do to get some players to start for him “right now” since he most likely needs them after losing CMC.

Thats what I had said. just make a better trade. hes got plenty of depth to make a real offer.
Davis is a waiver pickup/drop
gordon is ok but not enough alone

guy trying to get cmcs team
david johnson, gurley, freeman and gordon
MT,John Brown,Metcalf, Davis

Like a john brown and gordon probably doesnt get vetoed. but the davis part is laughable to the rest of us.

But hed rather take his ball and go home.

Dropped all of his players right before waivers to try and screw the league thankfully i noticed and had commish rebuild the team back and now were looking at getting someone to take over the team.

Crazy though all over a bad trade

I don’t think this should have been vetoed. I think vetoes should be removed altogether. That’s a reasonable trade if the CMC player doesn’t want to wait the 4 weeks for CMC and needs some wins. Still skewed towards the person who gets CMC but it doesn’t matter, can’t have vetoing. I removed the veto option and have instantaneous trades in the league where I am commissioner and things have been way smoother this year with people more inclined to trade.

I have to disagree with you there, all it takes in 1 bad owner to make a dumb trade and it can completely skew the league in 1 persons favor. That’s why the veto system was invented in the first place. I’ve had the Veto system in all of my leagues for nearly a decade and there’s only been 1 instance of it being needed to be used, and that was when an owner who was in last place tried to trade all his best players to his buddy who had already made the playoffs for waiver wire trash. Needless to say it was quickly vetoed and the player in last quit the league that offseason. Never needed it since then, but it’s a security measure if so.

This is why we removed it from the app so that its not just an easy thing to click and say no that team cant get the upgrade.

It all has to be done outside and individuals go to the commish and if we have enough do so we go to the group chat and hold a vote there.

With the CMC injury and Davis’ potential in the Titans lineup, can’t say it should have been vetoed. Obviously the CMC receiver won the trade, but I don’t think it’s so one-sided that it shouldn’t be allowed. I’m of the opinion that unless they’re explicitly trying to collude against someone or ruin the league, the trade should count.