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Need some advice. I am the commissioner in my league. I had a guy in last place who was in collusion with 2 other teams. He was making extremely unfair trades to help out other teams. I have since locked him out of league, not allowing to make anymore moves. We have 2 weeks left in the regular season, and I have told rest of league I will make sure his lineup is set the last 2 weeks. Well this week he has a kicker and a defense on a bye(KC). So I dropped his def and kicker and added the best projected kicker and def available. Now I have the person who is playing him calling bullshit, saying his team should have just stayed the way it is and be locked out. Ive expressed that this is the fairest way to handle it. Do you agree? or should I have let locked out team play without a kicker and a defense giving unfair advantage to guy playing him. Thanks. Appreciate the feedback.

Adding players to the team seems subjective. Dropping for that matter too.

I personally would not perform any add/drops for said team. Rather, I would simply manage the team using something like Fantasy Pros to set the lineup.

I’m in a similar position as a commish. Had to set a lineup for an orphaned team against my own squad.

The orphaned team won. :disappointed_relieved:

The Fantasy Pros cheat cheat gives you a fair way to set the lineup and be transparent to the league.

Here is an example if you’re not familiar with their interface:

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thanks for the advice. But do you agree that orphaned team should still have a full team playing the last 2 weeks, specifically meaning he have a kicker and a defense playing, when otherwise he would have those spots open with the bye week. Thanks

Yes, I personally don’t think one should fill those bye weeks. Play the best roster with the players currently available.