League mate wants Cooper

I currently have Collins, Breida and Kerryon as depth at RB.

I have Allen, Cooper, Watkins, Davis and Cole at WR.

I have a guy who wants Collins and will give me Allen Robinson

the guy who wants Cooper has Fournette, Cook, Ingram and Drake as the RBs I would be willing to take.

So, my question is will my WR core be good enough taking Cooper out and adding Robinson and who should I ask for to trade Cooper?

So boiled down, this trade would Be Cooper and Collins for Robinson and Drake.

I would do that trade. I like Cooper and Collins but Cooper is a question mark, collins is on a short leash, and you’d be swapping that for consistency and I’d rather chug along 5pt wins all the way through playoffs than score 32 points off a guy one week and 4 off him the next week and risk losing in weird ways constantly .

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