League mate wants Keenan

Half ppr this is like the 3rd week he’s asked about getting Keenan Allen from me.

Hes offered Ridley straight up but I wasnt sure I wanted that

Now hes offering DJ Moore straight up but Im still unsure

Would you want either of those for Keenan or stay put and hope his chemistry builds more and gets back to being better than Mike Williams

My other WR Diontae, Thielen, AB, Meyers

Any thoughts? Feel like maybe I should be taking this…


Redraft or Dynasty? PPR or non? How many teams and what are the starting lineup requirements?

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12 man half ppr normal 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1flex Redraft

Rest of my team
Kamara, Mixon, D.Harris, Patterson
Keenan, Diontae, Ab, Thielen, Meyers

2 more days and 2 more text about if I want to move him for either of his. Anyone wanna make me feel stronger one way or another on this? Dont usually bump posts but I could use an extra thought or two

I have Keenan and while he hasn’t gone off yet, I’m hoping he will. They are both more than fair offers. Any other pieces that you can get him to throw into the deal to help decide?

Just go with who you like best.

His team is as follows
Cook, Jacobs, Mitchell, Connor
Ridley, DJ Moore, Jeudy, Pittman, Sanders
Knox, Uzomah

I doubt any other piece gets thrown in. Like you said its a fair trade for either but I cant seem to land on which of those to actually believe in.

Ridley has the targets on a bad team but I have patterson too.
DJ looked great to start but Darnold is no great qb I mean he just got benched…
Keenan is a baller but Mike Williams has destroyed this year and worried that may continue…

I have Jamar Chase and Mixon in a league and its tough, so I can see that about Patterson & Ridley.

I think the choice is DJ or Keenan, and Carolina might be a different team when CMC returns.

I’d stick with Keenan unless he wants to sweeten the deal. Remember, he is the one coming to you…

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