League member benching his players

The first seed is leaving two players on their bye in his starting lineup and is leaving his RB2 spot empty what should we do? do i contact my commish and tell him that we should implement a new rule or vote on this as a league?

If you didn’t make a rule to handle this before the season you just accept it. He is doing what he thinks is best for his own team. Which might include taking a L to get an easier playoffs.
You can’t start making rules this late in the season. You just accept it and then during the offseason you and your league should go over this if the majority think this is a problem.

EDIT: Just for the record i believe it’s very shady to do this and i do in noway support his decision! But unless you already have rules in place, I believe it would be a very bad decision to make a rule when the season has started, and even worse this late

me and him are 9-2 (him) and 8-3 (me) and the 3rd seed is playing him this week, there are 4 teams tied for 3rd seed at 6-5 and the other 3 that are tied don’t think its fair that somebody gets a free win this week especially because everybody is trying to get into the playoffs. Hell even the 6th and 7th seed are 5-6 and still have a chance to make the playoffs if they win the next 2 games. I wouldn’t be so concerned if the league wasn’t so competitive.

EDIT: This is a team team standard league btw

If the league is super competitive than it is all the more reason to implement a rule for next season.

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