League member freaking out. What do I do?

We have been going as a league 7-8 years. Mostly a close knit group but we have some new players this year and a couple are just learning.

I brokered a deal where I got the better of things, but the guy was tilting. I threw out Royce Freeman for Dalvin Cook. He was sick of looking at Cook clogging his bench and much to my surprise he accepted without even pivoting or asking for more or anything.

I’m first year commish after old commish stepped down but is still in the league as a participant. We never had a ‘voting process’ to veto trades under him, but now suddenly he is complaining about this ‘leaving a bad taste in his mouth’ and threatening to quit because he didn’t give me the league for me to ‘trade rape’ someone. The guy is talking to me about ‘integrity’ and stuff.

There was no collusion.

To me brokering deals, even one-sided ones, is a usable ‘skill’. Am I wrong to look at it that way? Like it’s a game of poker where you aren’t just playing the cards but the other players.

Help me out #footclan .

Feeling pretty bummed right now because its a long time friend that has turned into more of an acquaintance over the years doing the ‘bitching and moaning’ but not really sure I should be. After all, they all had the same opportunity to do the same and then you get a backlash when they realize someone else did it and they didn’t.

That’s life as a commish. This is one of those deals where Cook could be nothing for ROS or could blow up and win a league. And you literally gave up nothing at this point for him. My only advice here as commish if you feel like you’ve one-sided a deal, I would throw back a usable piece or so that you don’t need. It’s petty, sometimes you have to treat league makes like children, but everything you do as commish in some leagues are overly scrutinized


It just annoys you when someone else not involved in the deal is trying to dictate what ‘fair’ is when he didn’t even have time to run the league this year and then on top of that wants to evaluate talent in a bubble of well so and so was a first round pick or whatever. It’s like well Freeman was a 2nd.3rd turn in our league you want to value him that way too? Mid season redraft neither would be taken high. Cook hasn’t been productive since week 4 of 2017. There’s no give me that says he hits and wins me a league but its nice to have that insurance there. Freeman, even hurt for a couple of weeks, should be good for some sort of production guaranteed, just nowhere near the upside.

Most would agree… just the commish thing, more times than not, gets everything you do looked at more. Joys of the title

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I understand that. Just seems like this is a grown man being petty and acting like a child. Amazes me how this game does that to people. It’s not even tilting. It’s trying to call people dishonest just because you don’t like something that you would be incredibly happy about if you were on the end of it. SMH.

Yeah… in deals like this though, in leagues where I’m commish, most that pay attention know you got all the upside here, and the upside isn’t close, just toss back a usable piece or 2 you don’t need or care about that limits ‘bitching.’ It’s dumb, shouldn’t have to, but I prefer it to dealing with whining. I’m not in a ton of leagues and if I can make a deal that one sided, but still not leave the other owner hosed, just better for keeping the peace so to say.

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Yeah. I threw it out and figured he would be contacting me and asking hey what about Hyde or Chubb or Baldwin or something.

He just straight rage clicked when it was announced it would be 3 more weeks before he was back. At that point not much I could do about it.

What do you think is a fair toss in? I got Allison? Not enough?

The deal itself wasn’t hateful… but when someone is in one of those modes, I’m like hey I got this player and/or this player that have upside I won’t ever play if you’d like back in a 2 for 1 type scenario. I handle my deals like that in general if I know I’m getting all the upside because ideally I’d like to trade with them again. :wink: People tend to get red assed and not trade again if a deal blows up in their face, their fault or not.

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Im one of the few active traders in this league as is.

I had messaged the guy on fb before hand (most of us are local) and was just like hey im gonna send you an offer what would it take and he never responded at that time.

I have a feeling this guy would have even complained about a two for one.

Don’t blame you making the move… and it’s sad that as a commish everything gets scrutinized… just like I said… throwing back a ‘Callaway’ type in a deal like, some upside that you’d never play, that usually squelches the my life sucks so let me vent through fantasy football problems from other owners. :wink: On the face Cook for Freeman is pretty cheap. FF is competitive and some owners would trade their significant others for it so just nature of the beast sometimes.

Let me ask. This cant be the first a trade has been questioned after 7-8 years. I been in leagues where people do the integrity thing then offer stupid bogus trades. Has this person either offered a bogus trade and let a bogus trade go through. Why did he step down as the commish?

He claimed he stepped down because he didn’t have time but truth be told he ran off 4-5 league members during the off season for things he did to one of the league members at their work. So we lost her, her husband, their friend and son-in-law.

We also had a newb earlier this season stupidly drop Kittle and he sure didn’t mind making the waiver claim on that one. Yet now he wants to claim ‘integrity’ if I take advantage of something similar.

I mean I guess I should have know better as commish and you live and learn. I haven’t been in these shoes long, but man it just seems like real man baby stuff here. When he was in charge I don’t know that he ever vetoed a trade but he never had a league vote. It was a ‘know it if I see it’ type thing where he was judge, jury and executioner as to whether a deal was ‘fair’. It was always up to him. He’s already tried to interject himself earlier this season even though he’s no longer even co-commish.

It is tedious keeping a bunch of grown ass adults happy sometimes.

I’ve been in management of people for like 15 years. You would think things would change at some point.

I think this is pretty simple. You tell them that this is a league full of adults that are free to run their team as they see fit, regardless if you think they’re doing it badly or not. If both sides think the trade is improving their team, that’s it. No one’s opinion outside of the trade matters - at all. Of course, as long as collusion isn’t involved, which this obviously isn’t.

No one knows what will happen and trading two injured players is fair game.

I’ve commished a long time and this situation def pops up here and there. People will bitch and moan, but its usually because they don’t want to see a team get better, not because the trade is unfair.

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How is this trade even that bad? Neither player is even playing, and Freeman is more likely than Cook to come back with an immediately involved role. Possibly even this week. And he’s been decent all season/improving. Cook might not even play for all we know. You’re taking on that risk and giving up a guy who is a solid 10-15 point weekly expectation. Even if it’s a keeper league I feel no differently. It’s also just immature at a base level of course, the other guy’s complaints I mean. But it doesn’t even make sense to me to be upset…

Thanks falc, Those were my thoughts as well.

They are basing it in a vacuum. Cook is a better talent. Cook is better in ppr. Then I’m like and Cook hasn’t looked good since week 4 2017. There is a lot more risk with him than Freeman ROS. It could be a league winning move or it could be a complete waste of time, or somewhere in the middle (which would still probably be enough to cost my chances at first.) Neither are eligible for keeper in our league the way it is set up.

I’m 5-2 tied for league lead. Other guy is 3-4 with Cook clogging his bench. He can’t afford to wait as long.

I was happy to take a burner spot and clog my bench as a Conner owner for the chance I get a RB1/RB2 late in the year if/when Bell comes back that can replace Conner. I really think that is more what is going on. Other owners are seeing they can stick the screws to me.

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Yeah it’s a trade I’d look at and scratch my head abt who won honest to god. Like it is an appropriate risk reward based on your respective records as well. Your league mate is tripping

Honestly hesitant to push through on the Tate-Hyde for Diggs-Carson trade I’ve worked out on the heels of this bs.

Guy that has Diggs also has Adam T and he’s went from 5-0 to 5-2 last two weeks because Diggs has tanked. He’s been wanting to split them up since start of the year. (One was a keeper and he drafted best available).

Tate has already had his bye and Diggs hasn’t so he’s gaining an extra week of WR1 ish production and I am inheriting an extra bye week. Both have averaged around 18 a week so far in our league and Tate has a higher floor, which is what he is looking for, consistency.

He’s done with his RB byes and has Crowell with Powell going IR thats his #2 so Carson is expendable to him, but he likes the upside of Hyde behind Jags line if LF doesn’t get right this year and sees that as a stash worth taking. Carson and Hyde are both averaging 11.

Now wondering what he is going to find wrong with that one too.

That is v similar to the other. It’s mkre of an obvious win for you but the other team is 5-2. They understand what is happening and are making a calculated gamble/decision. I bet you get lambasted in the same way for it but if I had worked that out honestly and fairly, I would get my trade done that I had made happen and tune out the hater. Love that trade though. Good call in Diggs at a low.