League Member Needed for Keeper league

I’m looking for a league member to fill an open spot. The previous owner decided to step away from fantasy football and we need an active, knowledge owner to take his place.

It’s a keeper league with very active and fun league members. The team you’d be taking needs some work, but I know there is someone up for the challenge. I’m a very involved commissioner and I make sure to do all I can to keep my league engaged and entertained throughout the year.

Here’s a little info about our league:
Platform: Sleeper
Type: Keeper (3+ each year)
Half Point PPR
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
2 Flex
1 Def

Let me know if you’re interested!

Mind sharing some more details on the team.
Also, what’s the max amount of Keepers per year? and what’s the penalty for keeping players?
What’s the buy in fee for the league? Ans what platform do you use for communication?


@nicotitan Hey man, thanks for responding. It’s a free league. You can keep up to three keepers with a one round penalty from their previous draft position. We use Sleeper for the league and communicate through Sleeper as well.

Thanks for the details! Sounds like a fun league, but I’m too many to take on a free league. I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, and that wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

No worries. Thanks anyways,.

Sounds interesting, I’d like to see the roster. Email is svirfneblin11@gmail.com

@Svirfneblin11 Great! Are you on Sleeper? If so, what’s you’re username? I’ll send you a DM with his roster.

Yup! Username Svirfneblin11