LEAGUE NOW FULL THANKS - FFB Fan Listener League $100 Leaguesafe 12 teams 0.5 PPR Redraft League Startup on Sleeper

I’m starting a fantasy football league from scratch with… YOU! Im trying to find serious fantasy football players out there who are willing to commit week after week. Participate in waivers, trades and of course a lil trash talk! Serious but fun! Everyone has a chance to walk away with a prize! If you have what it takes, join this league!

12 Teams, 4 Divisions. Each team plays thier division rivals twice, and everyone else once. Draft is September 5th 2020 at 7pm EST.


1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Kicker
8 Bench Spots

FAAB Waiver system

(Not the exact same as the true Listener League roster)

$100 dollar buy-in.

1st place wins $600
2nd place wins $300
3rd Place wins $200

7th place (Consolation Bracket Winner) wins $100

If you you have a down year, no worries! You still have a chance to win something!

If your interested, send a message!


I’m interested if you still have sports open! -Ty

I just sent you an invite to leaguesafe, whats your sleeper ID?


Just paid through leaguesafe, it showed up as redraiderarchitect as well. Long time fantasy football player, been listening to the ballers for a few years, first time foot clan member. Looking forward to it!

nice, welcome aboard!

any spots open? I’m interested.

yessir send me your email and sleeper ID!

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I’m interested! Email is rollomj@gmail.com and sleeper app ID is @lyfonair.

Interested. Sleeper ID is JKandy. If there’s still a spot I’ll DM you my email if needed

Cool, i just sent you the invite on Sleeper and Leaguesafe

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Theres still space, i just sent you an invite on sleeper

Whats your Sleeper ID?

I would love to join the league! I have been trying to add a couple more leagues! Sleeper user name is luemanchu!

Great, i just sent you a friend invite on sleeper

Sleeper is Chinooksack

any spots open? sleeper is wreyes94 and email is willy.reyes94@gmail.com