League Platforms

Hey there Footclan!!

For our 11th season in my League of Record, we are switching from Yahoo! Leagues into a new platform.
We do not have one decided on and would like everyone’s suggestions/recommendations if any.
The ONLY requirement that I have is that the league have the option to disable already played bench players to be dropped from the roster mid-game.
Paid options are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance!

Sad nobody’s responded to your question! :unamused:

U’ve probably already made ur decision but if not, Sleeper is by far most user friendly and pretty robust. I’ve played on Yahoo, Fleaflicker, MFL (My Fantasy League) as well but none comes close to Sleeper. That is unless you HAVE to have the extreme flexibility (better have a computer coder in the league) MFL can provide at a price.

Good luck!

haha, thanks!!

We ended up staying on Yahoo, since some features that we wanted to change wasn’t relevant anymore.
Maybe next season