League Question

Hey guys,

I am the commissioner of a 10 team, std, 1 keeper league and could use some help. We are taking the league to 12 teams this year and am trying to figure out the fairest way to incorporate the two new guys.

What are some of the ways you have brought on new members to a keeper league?

My thought was to give them an additional pick at the end of round (3-4), allow them to pick from the pool before draft (don’t like), give them option to pick draft spot. Really not sure so appreciate the help.

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I’d do a supplemental draft first just with the two new teams. They get to pick any player that was keeper eligible. Now they each have their keeper and you can start the draft.


Only reasonable and simple thing to do is the one yoy dont like. Free reign over the pool. It’s a 1 keeper so the pool should still be fair. Otherwise the only true fair thing to do, is a complete redraft. That way no one is screwed from the start because they league just switched to 12 man. But with a 1 keeper, you really have the freedom to do what ever you want. If it was a 3 man, this becomes much tougher.

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Appreciate the feed back!! I think I was over thinking it and thought they would have more of an advantage than they really would…