League RANT! I need to get this off my chest

Let’s set the stage. This is a work league - and we recently expanded to try and include more folks - to make it more inclusive and fun. We aren’t a bunch of experienced people - some people know hardly anything. And that’s ok. Most of us are just muddling along.

So, we ended up with 16 teams. Too many - PPR. Draft was crazy and people definitely hoard players. Almost no trading is happening (and it didn’t last year or the year before), but after getting rejected left, right and center for weeks, I finally opened the trade door and we started to see some movement elsewhere in the league.

I was proud that we were growing.

As the weeks progressed, I noticed that not everyone was really playing. They weren’t reading league messages, weren’t monitoring their rosters…they just weren’t doing it. This sucked because people were racking up wins against these non-players, but I sucked it up b/c I figured my turn was coming against those teams, too.

But now?! Now I’m f***ing pissed. Because - collusion.

A Team owner that I know is not “playing” just traded away Alex Smith for a half a sandwich and Danny Amendola - after she didn’t respond to my trade offer for three weeks! And she traded him to my opponent! She also gave him Ebron for Nick Vannett. That’s right - Nick f****ing Vannett. And when I emailed her and said, “hey, if it’s a fire sale - count me in!” she won’t respond.

we don’t review trades in this league, but even in the trades I’ve made with lesser experienced people, I’ve never tried to take them for a total ride. I make fair trades where we can both benefit. And I feel completely betrayed…and angry. And ganged up on.

I co-commish this league. I send out messages to keep people on track with their waivers and remind them to check their rosters on BYE weeks. I message individuals to offer help or to keep their spirits up. I’m 2-4 - and I’ve fought to get that far, but my matchups have been tough - and that’s fantasy. That’s part of the risk and fun of it.

I just feel like I don’t even want to do this any more. why are people suck d*cks?

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Couple things here, none of which will help this season…

Like you said, 16 teams is too many for fantasy football. Works in baseball, and hockey to an extent. One injury can derail your entire season beyond repair.

The rest of the problems originate with bad GMs. You and probably others want to actually play more than others. Sounds like the girl who made the bad trades is just there to say she plays, or joined because it was a work thing. Your first step as commish is to cull the herd of those who are non-players. I’d rather be in a 10-team league of sharks than a 12-16 team league with a quarter of the GMs being a laugh and a half. It being a work league, you’re bound to have some people who join just to be part of something.

I’d start recruiting now for next season to replace the bad GMs. And I don’t mean someone who just has a bad team… that happens every once in a while even to great GMs. Those who start players on bye, start non-active players or clearly don’t check the fantasy site regularly. That’s if you want to keep commishing… You can also ask some other people if they are in competitive leagues, and if they have any openings.

Basically the moral of the story is, don’t expect a work league to be the best of the best fantasy competition.

I also don’t really have anything helpful to add, but feel like chiming in just for the sake of brotherhood, and because I’ve been in similar scenarios.

I’ve played in a league for (approx.) 6 years now that has more or less had the same core of friends, with some turnover here and there. It’s grown from 8 teams (which I just think is too few) to 10. We’re always trying new things each year just to see what we like, we’ve had crazy scoring, rule changes, collusion, you name it.

We’ve had obvious collusion in the playoffs, collusion on draft nights, rule changes pissing people off so bad that they quit and a few others quit with them so the league had to be restructured. But because we are a still a core group of friends (believe it or not), the league has somehow survived.

I took over a couple years back as commish because our previous commish just wasn’t into it anymore, and finally ended up quitting before this season. Since taking over, I’ve tried to maintain structure, fairness, and above all else, fun! Our league still has people guilty of hoarding players, and hardly any trading occurs, which is kind of annoying (I’m the only one that ever trades).

But the one thing I never could stand for is someone not playing. Or giving up midway through. Not claiming players, not setting lineups, not being involved. Since we’ve started there’s always been at least one player who is “an easy win” per se, because it’s basically an unmanaged team.

So I feel your pain on all fronts. It’s been a long struggle to find the “perfect 10 man league” for me. This year has been going along smoothly for us so far, thank goodness. But it can certainly be a struggle. And it sucks for someone who loves fantasy so much and to look forward to it all year, for something or someone to keep the league from living up to it’s full potential. Hang in there!

I appreciate the comments and just the general camaraderie. I signed on to share Commish duties because I like to play and I want to support those who might want to play under a less stressful scenario. You know, where we can have fun.

It’s a real kick in the teeth, but I’ll take it under advisement. Changes are coming to this league. And with a little bit of luck, I’ll still be handing my opponent the loss he deserves.