League Rule Change

Alright guys, need your take - each year our league winner gets to make 1 rule change. Here’s what’s happening this year… My thoughts are that this may result in a few teams being far better than others and some league mates losing interest which would take some fun/competition out of the league.

I would personally never agree to this, it’s very unfair and imbalanced. Getting a top 3 pick in rounds 8-15 really doesn’t mean that much after you’ve been shafted in the first seven.

pretty terrible, unless you are at the top of the draft

Yes thank you!! That’s what I’m saying… We have a pretty serious league - travel somewhere each year for the draft, ZERO notes during offline draft (all from memory) & some serious punishments for whomever loses the league… This just seems like such a drastic structural change that will definitely have a negative impact for those that don’t do well in our draft game that determines order.

Yeah, don’t like that at all

Also - the draft game that determines order is already skewed… They picked one on one basketball (king of the hill type game). So anyone who doesn’t play basketball is already feeling a bit screwed.

That is just terrible. I could never play in a league like that, super unbalanced. Ridiculously advantage to drafting at the top of the order. Look at these two teams:
1st pick
1.1 - Saquon Barkley
2.1 - Nick Chubb
3.1 - Mike Evans
4.1 - Adam Theilen
5.1 - Brandin Cooks
6.1 - Tevin Coleman
7.1 - Evan Engram

10th pick:
1.10 - Todd Gurley
2.10 - Damien Williams
3.10 - Keenan Allen
4.10 - Zach Ertz
5.10 - Tyler Lockett
6.10 - Tyler Boyd
7.10 - Miles Sanders

Just terrible - thanks for throwing a mock in there with the scenario… As of right now the league champ/commissioners aren’t budging… I’m hoping to change their minds before draft weekend - hopefully enlisting the help of Andy, Mike & Jason on the podcast. We’ve had this league for a while now and I don’t want to see it crash and burn because of this terrible rule change.

For one, the league rule change is terrible. And the fact that the draft order isn’t left up to complete random makes it even worse for someone who doesn’t play basketball. This heavily favors people at the top of the draft, so especially if the person who proposed this rule is good at basketball, there’s no way this should go through and I’d personally drop out if they don’t change the rule, teams toward the bottom of the draft won’t have any fun.

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100% agree. We like to do games to determine where you pick in the draft but choosing something like basketball where not everyone is going to be even AND changing to this rule that favors the top of the draft heavily is just bad. For the commissioners to push this through just blows my mind. This type of big impact change should require a full league vote. Not just league winner and commissioner approval.

Also - the draft game that determines order is already skewed… They picked one on one basketball (king of the hill type game). So anyone who doesn’t play basketball is already feeling a bit screwed.

lol let me guess, the person who suggested this just so happens to be pretty good at basketball? This is complete bs, I’d leave the league if they made me agree to something as dumb and unfair as this.

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Definitely better than I and probably several others at basketball! Yeah let’s play basketball at a fantasy FOOTBALL draft…

This is a rule thought up by a fantasy neophyte. It’s no good. This is exhibit A for why leagues need to have commissioners who are experienced with fantasy football to preside over league-wide votes.

I hope there’s some way to veto this.

What blows me away is that this has been a serious league for years and years. Never ran into anything like this before. It’s always been small rule changes that were usually just fun like losing a round or the first one of doing it offline with no notes… This just changes it for the worse though. We are all a tight group and the commissioner is one of my best friends so i don’t want to leave the league - I voiced my concerns heavily but the league winner doesn’t want to change it so here we are… Sounds like they aren’t budging for this season which is a real bummer. Hoping to get the footballers to shame them publicly… my last hope… haha

Well…it’s not like it’s impossible to draft well from those other spots, but without it snaking? Patently unfair.

And the idea that this will make people “try harder” is just so elitist – not to mention displaying a fundamental lack of understanding about just how much and just how little we can control in fantasy – it makes me want to barf.

Good luck, man!

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First, the “you get to make a rule” rule is dumb. Rules are rules. Winner gets a trophy, or a name on a plaque. Eliminate that immediately. Secondly, quit. And recruit 2 or 3 others to quit with you. When the league is in jeopardy of folding, your complaints will be taken more seriously. If they’re willing to fold the league to make a point, it’s not a league you want to be in anyway. Good luck!