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League Rules Question

Have a disagreement about how a rule in our league should be executed and I thought I would reach out to you guys to see what you think.

When the league members awoke this morning someone had made a roster move adding G Allison from the Packers after he has played on Thursday night. The question has been brought up why was this allowed to happen. People are not understanding why a player on Thursday night can be added after his game and they aren’t locked like any of the players that play on Sunday on or Monday. Any insight would be helpful as we try and determine if this should be allowed.


I’m curious here too, how is yalls leagues waivers? All my leagues, once a player starts to play, they can’t be added til following weeks waivers get processed, regardless of what day they play on

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Same. I literally tried to add any Packer or Eagle in every other league and I got the little yellow claim button with the notification that it will be processed on Wednesday. Interested to see what everyone else says.

So who is the guy who scooped him? If it’s the commish, I would think it’s tampering as they can manage rosters fully. Check out the league transactions section.

I don’t want to jump to that conclusion tho. Hard accusation.

Shouldn’t be allowed. Only thing I can think is that the commissioner has waivers turned off completely. Meaning whenever a player is dropped they are automatically available and can be added anytime.

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I am going to assume this is in the Yahoo app. This has happened in the past in one of my leagues. It is a glitch that you can sometimes take advantage of. I think your league needs to vote on how to proceed, if a player plays they should not be available until the following waiver day. Hope this is at least a 12-person league since the argument is over Allison:)

We had this issue last year. I think Yahoo defaults to Sunday waiver so players on Thursday can be picked up after the game.

Check your waiver settings. If using yahoo it should state: “Game Time-Tuesday.” That locks all players from the moment the game starts until the waiver period opens.