League Safe and other cash sites

Has anyone used any services such as leaguesafe.com? What has everyone’s experience been using these services and are there any sites that should be avoided at all costs?

We have a sizeable pot for our league so I want to use a trusted website for better league fee management.

Thanks in advance!!

I used leaguesafe last year for one $20 football league to test it out. Our League manager decided to go MIA after his season was over so the payout was greatly delayed and we almost had to do a takeover of the league on leaguesafe. It’s safe but if your LM just bails it can be a slight headache to retrieve the payouts. I also ran a basketball league using it and it was perfect when I was running the show. You can initiate the payout that everyone agreed on then once half the league votes the payout goes through. There is a small fee like $5 or so when you want to withdraw directly into your bank account so that could be a decent % of your winnings depending on how big the buy-in is in your league.

Oh man, thanks for the details.
Won’t have to worry about LM bailing because that would be me lol
But a 5% fee is steep…was thinking of a big payout for the winner this year.
Thanks a lot for the insight!!

I’ve been using Leaguesafe for the last couple of years and have had no issues with them. Customer service is excellent and responds quickly.

There is a small fee of 2% I believe it is when you pay for your league dues but I have never paid for a fee when withdrawing money to my bank account.